Spider-Man returns with a brand new storyline and is ready for the upcoming challenges!

"With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility". With an symbiote invasion invading New York City and only one hero to save the day, this quote describes the game very accuratley. Spider-Man returns in a new game, that has a new combat system, amazing graphics and a few ups & downs.

You take control of everyone's favourite web-head, Spider-Man. Throughout the game, you find out something weird has happened to your city, and must take responsibility on what the outcomes are. You have the help of allies or villians from the decisions that happen during the game. You can have: Wolverine, Black Cat, Luke Cage, Vulture, Moon Knight, Rhino & Electro at your assist. But during the game, you could also change from one suit to another which is really cool. To start things off, this review will take look on the graphics.

Graphics: New York looks fantastic. The scenery changes from day to night, and you can see the environment change from a normal day, into the worst invasion of the world. The models look amazing. Spider-Man looks like he should. When he's the classic red & blue or with symbiote black. The civilians look really nice but sometimes the game overuses the same model over & over again.

Controls: The controls of the game are really easy. You have the left analog stick to move, X to jump/swing boost, square for the attack/action button, L3 for switching suits, triangle for web strike, R2 for swinging, tapping R2 for the Web-Zip, L1 is for Wall Sprinting/Web Climbing, circle for web-shooting (Red Suit), or using tentacles for grabbing (Black Suit) but it is also for throwing. You can also have special attacks to aid you during battle by pressing L1 + square, triangle or circle. To block or wall crawl, press the left stick and X. Evading is the R1 button. You can use Spidey's spider-sense by holding L2 but for locking onto an enemy is tapping it. To call an ally or dismiss them, use the down directional button for calling then & the up directional button to dismiss. These mechanics are really easy to pull off combos, and to use for the free-roaming environment.

Gameplay: Web Of Shadows has an impressive combat system to feel like your Spider-Man. The combat can show you doing amazing moves like jumping for one guy to another, using punches & kicks, and even spinning like a tornado which would spin your enemy to the air. To do special moves, the special meter is used in order to use them. Your health bar is located down at the right side. It recovers automatically when you are or not in battle. During the game, there is are 2 things that could happen during in-game sequences. You choose the good or evil path which will determine how the story will go. The other is called "The Tests Of Strength and Agility". You must follow the on-screenbutton prompts to successfully complete the events by pressing the correct button or repeatedly pressing it as quick as possible. The game also has an upgrading system. The upgrading system lets you upgrade the moves that you have to make them powerful or extend their length. But you need the XP. You can gain experience points by doing hit achievements which is a hit meter displaying each combo that you do and you gain experience by making the combo longer from the combos you make. The others are defeating your enemies and completing missions. You can also collect spider tokens which are scattered across the city. When collect enough for each one is required, Spider-Man levels up and increases his health meter, special meter and swing speed.

Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows does have some problems sometimes. There is problems with the frames being torned sometimes. The voice-acting is really horrible. Spider-Man really sounds weird, while Wolverine has his classic anger voice. It may not be a problem to some fans, but that's what everyone is having a problem with. The game can be simply beaten from 10-12 hours and there is somewhat replay value. The final boss is really simple to beat, as the A.I. is at a moderate level. I do consider this game as the best Spider-Man game yet, but in my opinion, Spider-Man 2 takes the crown as Ultimate Spider-Man in 2nd. The game is really fun and it is definitley a rent but to the hardcore Spidey fans is a buy when a reasonable price is out or not.