I played MW2 and it was amazing but BO can do what MW2 did, much better.


The way the story is told is very good. wether your being tortured or remembering things, it's pretty cool.And the cutscenes between levels are played just right with those red numbers effect. theres only one little tiny problem and its that they cpuld have added more missions to the game.


the gameplay is just right. the button configurations are layed out just right and they are places in the game where you can advance through different routes.


The best part of the game is when you're playing it online. The new currency system makes things interesting. So does the wager match. I admit. when getting hit with the tomahawk in STICKS AND STONES , being killed in ONE IN THE CHAMBER or getting knifed in GUN GAME can be annoying and you will end up smashing the controller to bits. But it's just plain fun.


The zombie mode (featured in WAW) is interesting. wether you're using teamwork to kill of waves and waves of mutated zombies or taking them on solo, you will end up playing that mode for hours. it is worth it. This mode has several maps including KINO DER TOTEN and FIVE (wich is unlocked by completing the game)


the game is brilliant. But, there is one small other thing. The difficulty in the campaign when you re on VETERAN is beyond your dreams. i still hope that they make more CALL OF DUTY games.