It's a great game.

Ah yes Mario. Well out all the Mario games I ever played I have to admitt this was my favorite. I may not be a huge Mario fan, but I do have to give the plumber his due. ( Seriously how can people look up to a fat plumber as a role model, he works in sewers and probaly smells like poo gas!!!!!) This platformer game had it all and instantly became a classic in everybody's mind. I was so happy when this game out sold Mario Bros 2 which I really didn't like but that's another reveiw for another time. Anyway the whistle Mario uses whistle winds is the same used In Zelda. I thought that was sooo cool back then. Then again the creator of Mario and Zelda are one in the same. No the reason I enjoyed this game so much is it was Fun, and my father used to play it with me all the time. Plus I learned a great trick to play on my Dad when I was 8 or so. When waiting my turn to play I would trick my Dad a lot by saying " Hey Dad if you fall down this hole you'll get a free guy!" Guess what he did jump and would ask me " Hey where's my free guy"? I would say you fell down the wrong hole hahahaha. Ah good times, good times. Anyway this game was a lot of fun, and played flawless every time.