Good to play with mates,a great setlist and you can rock out using drums/guitar/bass/vocals.What more could you want?9.5

An awesome game thats let you and your mates play for endless hours. Good songs to headband and rock out too plus there are drums! Story mode is a good touch, you can make your on setlists. If you're setting up a party and it blows then just turn on your XBOX 360 and plug in Rock Band thats bound to get the party started or just base the party around Rock Band, either way it'll be a blast! It has great graphics and is average for achievements. Good way to practice your drumming and whatever style of rock you like, trust me it'll be on there! To be honest I wouldn't and buy this now, I would way to November 14th 2008 and get Rock Band 2 which has 80+ songs on disc and is this but improved! So are you stuck on what to get a mate/child/sibling etc.. for christmas then just look at Rock Band 2. Price, you ask? $179.99 which is about £90, which isn't that bad. You definetly get your moneys worth.
9.5/10 and worth buying...November 14th