This is more than a game, it brings a whole new element of story telling to games and succeeds in doing so.

I hadn't seen alot on Metal Gear Solid 4, just he odd trailer here and their but i knew it was going to be something special, and how right i was. the Story telling in this game is just superb, i loved the long cutscenes and it really was a great way to portrsy the story, with the flashbacks and other firstperson views in the interactive cutscenes.
The gmaeplay was also very good, it was easy to manage inventory and the idea of the drebin shop was a good one. it helped buy new equipment and unlock the id taggeed old equipment.
There is alot of replay value in the game seen as there is so many costumes and equipemnt that came be unlocked by playing throught tha game and doing ceratin things like not killing an enemy.
The Metal Gear ONline is a good addition which alos keeps the game going after the single player story is over, their is a gruling registration process but after that there are a few gametypes and its fun msot of the time.

Overall i loved this game and it exceeded any expectations i had of it. The Story in the game is by far the best i have played to date and will be hard to match or even beat.