The Pinnacle of a awesome game without any , gore or swearing and its REALLY fun!

Rachet and Clank is a game that is a must-own for guys that have games such as Resi 4 and Mafia and when thier little cousin comes over they dont have anything to play. Rachet and Clank puts you in the cartooney world of a rat/rodent thing called Rachet who suddenly meets a little box of bolts whos is trying to save the world from this bad guy named Drek. The main part about this game is that you get to get unbelievable huge guns and use them thro-out the game, sounds simple but it truly is really really fun! With a silly(but not too gay) story and an aresnal of weapons on a variety of enemies the game play is dam near perfect.
Rachet and Clank plays like Jak and Daxter and Rayman, thats to say that its a souped up platformer. At first you start out with one weapon and your standard wrench but soon you'll be able to buy new weapons with bolts (money) found all around the game. The only reason why i didnt put the gameplay at a 10 was because of the easiness of the game, it is very easy to beat the game over and over (I've only played it thru once) despite the fact that its really long. The story is very wierd but somehow it is entertaining even for an older audience.
The graphics are not very good but after a while you dont seem to notice after a while the sound is decent. In all this is a great game and anyone who thinks that they might like it needs to get it.