Sadistically Fun, Solid and very enjoyable

User Rating: 8.9 | Hitman: Blood Money PS2
Hitman: Blood Money is a twistedly enjoyable game. It contains very diverse missions that make you use your head before acting. If you've ever wanted to be in the shoes of a hitman, this is the game for you.

The thing i like about this game is that u need to use your head to do things right. If you really want to enjoy this game the way its supposed to be played, get this is your head: This is no run and gun shooter. This is far from it. The point is to get creative and figure out a way to fullfill your contract with out getting yourself noticed too much. After all, what hitman wants everyone to know whats happenning? That just brings trouble. The game doesnt force you to be creative though, it just encourages it. If you are lost on a contract and simply cant figure out a way to discreetly complete a hit, theres always the option of putting a gun to his head. Though if thats the path you take there will be consequences.

Thats where the new notoriety system comes into play. The more attention you get, the harder you job will be. Your notoriety can rise from many diferent things such as :How many witnesses you left, the amount of noise made, how much violence was used, etc. There are a large variety of ways that you can complete your contract without garnering attention though. If you are trying to get a good rank in a contract, theres one queston you should ask yourself. How can i make this look like an accident? If you succeed in doing this it will be much easier for you to escape. This ranges from poisening food and drinks, dropping large objects on them, shoving them off ledges, to very specific situations in missions. How well you complete your mission will effect how much money you will recieve. That Blood money can be spent on weapon upgrades and such that will make you job easier.

Hitman: Blood Money's story is pretty good but its more in how its presented that great. If you arent a Hitman veteran, you might be a little lost in the beginning, but it all explains itself. The story is presented very well. The games ending is among the best I've played. Hitman:BM is a very good game that should be enjoyed by stealth and action game lovers.