Hitman Blood Money has improved far beyond I would expect...

User Rating: 9 | Hitman: Blood Money PS2
The "Hitman" series is a series that focuses on social stealth. The first three games were exceptionally good, except for some minor flaws ( mainly AI).
Also There wasn't enough choices in the game. Hitman : Blood Money Improved that in every way and also slightly improved the AI. "Blood Money" doesn't have much of a story. You're a hired assassin, the more silent you complete the mission, the more money you get to improve weapons, and also to buy things like painkillers or a flak vest to help you in the future missions. Small things like poisoning drinks and taking hostages help, but the most fun you will have is choosing which way you want to complete the mission. Take the third mission, "Curtains down". Your targets are in an opera. One of the targets is in the opera and get's shot by a man with a fake WWII gun. There are so many ways you can take down the enemy. You could swap the fake gun for a real replica. You could take the guy with the fake gun's costume, get the replica and kill him in stage (nobody would hear the gunshot because the music is playing loudly). You could run up, shoot him and hide. You could blow up stage lights that are above him and they would land on him. You could lodge a hammer in his head when he's in his dressing room. There is just so many possibilities which obviously gives replay ability. This is one of the best stealth games you could ever buy!