This is Sh*t. Different franchise - nothing to do with THE 47

User Rating: 4 | Hitman: Absolution PC
I was a fan of the 47 franchise. Played again and again codename 47, Silent Assassin, Contracts and of course Blood Money! I was looking forward for absolution since I saw the first trailer. I was so happy when it finally got released and bough it and started playing. Then... disappointment. It didn't took long to realize that the game was not actually another addition at the "Hitman" franchise, but a new game in which you control an assassin who the developers claim is the actual 47 you know and love. So, Firstly, the story. 47s character is gone. Where is that cold assassin whose mind was only at his mission? Now we see an emotional guy who tries to save a girl because our formerly beloved character, Diana, asked him - when he shot her. (YES, he shoots Diana!). Also he speaks too much! Really, TOO much!
Moreover, there are no politics and conspiracy in the story, which was one of the main reasons I played the previous Hitman games. No surprises with this one. Secondly, the gameplay. Where the hell is the map? Where are the weapons I get to choose in the beginning according to my tactics? And after a point at the game WHERE ARE MY SILVERBALLERS?? No limited sedatives. No Syringe with poison. Cant't close doors and switch lights of. Can't look through keyhole. Too much reliability at the new "instinct" thing, which is useless and goes off quickly. The levels are divided into many annoying sub-levels: a sub-level is for example in the next room of the house. A big problem is the new disguise system which is crap. Everyone recognizes you and you need to stay hidden behind a wall or something solid otherwise the stealthy approach is blown. So? RELOAD! Yeah right, you wish! No save system, just checkpoints which you must find and when you restart from a checkpoint everything is reset. All Npcs you killed are back! Don't waste your money on this one, go play the previous games. If you don't have them, I recommend you go buy "the Hitman Collection" which contains all previous hitman games. You will get much more entertainment, with less money too. No need to learn the plot of absolution either.