The Hitman series has always been about choice, trail and error.

User Rating: 8 | Hitman: Absolution X360
Do not expect this game to be a 3rd person dual wielding carnage filled romp. You have the option to dispatch your targets in just about any way you like. Tackling a mission Max Payne style is an option, but you don't reap many of the games rewards if you do so. This game requires more thought and strategy underneath the surface, following your targets whereabouts and taking note of their tendencies. If you have the patience to research you targets you may stumble upon a way to dispatch your targets without firing a single shot. Having a wide spectrum of ways in which you can carry a mission out is the draw of Hitman Absolution, and if you are familiar with the Hitman series you should feel right at home. If you are looking for just a shooter-fest you might be pleased with game more suited for that particular taste. As far as the game-play mechanics I have thoroughly enjoyed the game thus far.

I believe the game at least deserves an 8.0

I will update if that changes