Hitman Absolution is such a well presented game which makes you wanting more. It really feels authentic.

User Rating: 10 | Hitman: Absolution X360
I have started playing this game with medium expectations and was blown away by it! It has smooth gameplay, stunning visuals, amazing audio and a immersive story plus that I didnt find a single bug! I have already beaten the story on normal and I am currently playing it again on hard, it is definetly a great experience with memorable missions, great characters (especially Dexter) and even better voice acting! I have also played a good amount of the contracts mode and I have to say it is really competetive with the leaderboards and such. It rewards a skilled and thoughtfull approach as no other game of this year so far does. A game which makes you wanting more and more as you progress and lets you experience a fight for revenge which couldnt be delivered any better. A definite must have among stealth fans! Definetly my favourite game of this year !!!