If it isnt broke stop fixing it...............

User Rating: 5.5 | Hitman: Absolution X360
If anyone is on the fence about buying this hitman game you need to consider some things first. First, are you a fan of past hitman games? If so, this game focuses on getting from an extremely linear point A to point B then most of the time, you watch a cinematic of you killing your target. If you have never played a hitman game before, this plays just like the last Splinter Cell (Which also focuses on more action and less stealth) You can no longer pick your tools of the trade as the developers felt they could pick better for you. All in all I am returning my copy to receive some microsfot points for DLC on games that dont try to reinvent themselves when nothing is wrong. Besides medal of honor warfighter this is a candidate for worst games of 2012n my opinion. I attribute the dubing down of games to typical lazyness getting worse. Gamers dont want to think anymore in games, they want explosions and gunplay, not strategy and subtlety.