Hitman Absolution is flat out amazing. The scoring system and multiple ways to complete a mission are wonderful.

User Rating: 9 | Hitman: Absolution X360
Hitman Absolution is another game we have seen in the stealth/action genre this year, and just like dishonored it is a blast to play.

The shining star is the gameplay, it just feel's right. Everything you do in the game from bombing cars, sabotaging the lights, sneaking by a sequence that looked impossible with out being detected keeps you coming back. The scoring system in the game brings out that feeling of "I could have easily gotten a higher score" in you. The biggest downfall of Hitman Absolution would be the story, it just feels a little out of place. The only reason I say this is because Agent 47 is not personable. Every other character you meet in the game has great personality plus the have some humor sprinkled throughout the game for you.

If you like stealth games, then what are you waiting for pick this game up :P