Out of balck ops 2 ass creed 3 and halo 4 this game impressed me the most so far. Hitman has changed and its fantastic.

User Rating: 9 | Hitman: Absolution X360
I have always bden a fan of the hitman franchise, replaying the older games over and over. io interactive have boldly moved past the original gameplay we all know and love and have turned hitman into a cross breed that feels slightly splinter cell conviction/hitman and it completely works. For those with an open mind and acceptance of a new style I reccomend absolution, it's clean, it looks fantastic and the diversity of action wether you go in guns blazing or try for that silent assassin rank will keep you entertained for months. I can't help but compare it to other recent titles suck as assasins creed which received an 8.5 but I played that game and all I got was a disgusting amount of bugs and glitches, it truly wasn' t the assasins creed I had grown to love. Call of duty black ops 2 received an 8 don't get me wrong I enjoy the game but it is just a shinier rebbot of every recent cod title to date, I do have a point for complaining about such titles, it seems these games are getting rewarded for repetition rather than told to change it up and games such as hitman are being scrutinised for changing the way their game is played. I recommend this game to any action junkie or lover of stealth I couldnt be happier with absolution.