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One question How much better is it than Blood Money? I mean storywise I know the graphics are way better anyone tell me WITHOUT SPOILERS much appreciated!

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Very Similar to blood money, i'm PIRATE and i've been playing game last few days.  Story is not

that interesting, i have completed few missions so... still not ready to tell full opinion.

I would give it 8.0 

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So far the missions and gameplay are a big step down from Blood Money but I'm only at the very beginning. The story seems interesting enough, nothing amazing. The graphics are simply stunning if you max it, just gorgeous. It gives Witcher 2 a run for its money.

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Very Similar to blood money, i'm PIRATE and i've been playing game last few days.  Story is not

that interesting, i have completed few missions so... still not ready to tell full opinion.

I would give it 8.0 


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I take it back, the story is face palm worthy most of the time.  And the hugely dumbed down gameplay is REALLY rubbing me the wrong way.  Let's hope the multiplayer contracts can justify this purchase.  Why the developers decided to make a game far less intelligent than Blood Money is beyond me.

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This isn't at all like blood money, the game is now much more linear (with maybe 5 or so sections resembling a hitman game), and instead of promoting "hiding in plain sight" the game makes you avoid it, as disguises are so useless now, you still have to stealth around hiding on cover and stuff or you get quickly, and I mean quickly, busted, in a disguise! Basically, a disguise is only useful for giving you a few seconds of buffer, should you get explain to me what the point is?! Well it's still a decent stealth action game, it's not what you expect from a hitman game, it's like what metal gear acid is to metal gear solid!
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Average user rating for Blood Money was 8.7. Average user rating for Absoluition is about 7.1.

Better than Blood Money? No, worse, and it's not becasue it's too hard. It's because it's too contrived and linear and playing on harder levels means doing weird things that make no sense.

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I just finished the game and I would definetely recommend this to most of my friends. I have played previous hitman so I started this one immidietly on expert. I found that it was definetely more challenging than Blood money on a general level.

Some of the newer system work very well, I liked the new and improve disguise system since is much more realistic and challenging. The shooting mechanisim is also well done, bullet impacts feel real and I also get a bit of Max payne 3 cinematic feel of the shooting sequences. It took me alot of trail-and-error to get through missions without being detected. Run and gun is still an option even on higher difficulties but is actually easier to go stealth there.

I never understood why people view linearity in some sequence in such bad light. For me it was alright, it actually give the game more atmosphere and cinematic tension. Blood money missions are very open-ended that's all fine and dandy but it can and will feel repetitive after a while. Some flash to spice things up is a good thing as long as they don't over do it. Which in my opinion Absolution has an ok mix of it.


What I didn't like was the removal of customizable weapons(in the campaign)  and the abilities to choose your load-out premission.  Man I wish the bring the whole money and notoriety aspect back into the game!

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The disguise system is far from realistic. When you disguise yourself with a costume with a mask someone dressed like you notices you instantly. On top of that if you are hiding from 2 different types of enemies one wont notice if they arent in the same outfit, even if you are running, sneaking, and hiding. I feels so stupid hiding from one enemy while another stares at me and could care less.

Its fun as a stealth game. But it is not Hitman. This is the one franchise to me that doesnt need to change. 

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The shame of it is the AI in this one are more sophisticated and have the potential to actually behave intelligentlly, but the disguise and detection system doesn't let them. Suspicion of disguise types needs to be more balanced along with recognition distances and viewing angles.

Then there's times the game just loses it's sanity and lets you get away with far too ridiculous things, like pulling one of the Saints right over the reception desk of the motel while she's talking face to face with a guard that doesn't even notice what happend. It was on Hard, not as difficult as Expert or Purist by any stretch, but still, it's supposedly one of the "Professional" modes.