The Patriot beating Sanchez...?

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Is this a jab at the Jets? Because I'm a Jets fan, and I DO NOT approve!!!

We've had a bad enought month already!

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Would you care to explain what you're talking about please? I, for one, have no idea what you're on about.

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LOL, the Patriots are an NFL football team whom have no trouble beating a lot of teams. Mark Sanchez is the qurterback of the NY Jets, whom are having quite a tough time this year, including losing both divisional games against their rival Patriots, the second by quite a margin. I gotta say though, they only lost by a field goal the first time they played them.

Don't take it personally dude. IO and Eidos probably haven't much knowledge or interest at what goes on in the NFL. Our team beat the Pats and the Jets when they came here, but we may not even make the playoffs after two of our best defensive players just got nicked for doping.