Save Game Bug On Console Versions

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Anybody else had this problem? I got about half way through the game and after completing a stage, my PS3 got stuck on a load screen (where the bar code fills at the bottom left of the screen) and it just kept going and going. I left it for a few minutes but no progress, so I had to shut off my PS3. When I reloaded the game it gave me the "No save data found, starting new game."!!! The same thing happened a second time last night after I had completed about 3 or 4 missions. Not cool.

Does anyone know if you can make a copy of your save game data? I will try this tonight, and if it works I'll just have to exit the game after every couple of missions and make a copy of my save game until they come out with a patch. Ugh.

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Yep, same thing happened to me three times! I've stopped playing it now until a patch is released. On my last play through the loading time after cut scenes was immense, I think the game is pretty messed up.

And yes, you can copy save games. Just stick a USB stick into one of you PS3 slots, go to PS3 save game data in the XMB, select the Hitman one and choose copy from the sub menu.

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Nice, thanks. I will give the zip drive a shot tonight. So frustrating.
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Nice, thanks. I will give the zip drive a shot tonight. So frustrating.gilbergr

No problem. Just remembered, you may have to make a folder called PS3 on your flash drive first, or it might do it for you when you make the copy. I forget.