Sandbox missions?

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will this game continue the use of open ended missions that let you figure out how to kill people on your own? or will it be more linear than Blood Money?  

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It will be open as far as I know. Just read today that you can actually replay missions, but you get to designate who your target(s) is and other mission parameters in order to challenge yourself and your friends. Sounds pretty open ended to me! Can't wait!
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Yeah man, I just read that on Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Much Obliged: Hitmans Freeform Contracts

Now we can design our own hits in the game. Awesomeness.

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yeah our own designer contracts are about all i could want. hey never saw that site before i'll be checking in again for sure, thanks for the link man! just started the sniper challenge on my preorder last night and loving it but the waiting is getting harder now lol!

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good. because i play this series for one reason only. which is free-form murder.  without that i might as well play COD.

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From what I've seen in previews it's the standard Hitman game with an open area and you can go about your assassination attempt in several different ways. And as others have been saying, they will let you pick and choose 3 random people in certain missions and you can create your own contract out of that. It makes going back into missions and replaying them more fun.