Post your Absolution videos.

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Here's my first. The Parking segment of Attack of the Saints on Hard, going for points rather than the Angel of Death challenge, which sadly, appears impossible to unlock until they patch the game. Feel free to give comments pro or con and post your own videos.

I'll be adding ones for the 2nd and 3rd segments of this level as well, and maybe some other levels too.

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Here's the Reception segment of Attack of the Saints,again, on Hard. One is for points, the other a speedrun. I was kinda shocked at how easy it is to get through this, even with the same Agency Soldier uniform others are wearing, which I have on because when you use Level Select, it doesn't save your progress. Though not a tactic used in these videos, in play testing I found you can even grab the the first Saint at the check in desk from behind the counter while she's talking to an agency soldier face to face, without being spotted. I knew it was possible on Normal, but I didn't expect it would be on Hard.

Saints Reception: Points

Saints Reception: Speedrun

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I have the first 9 levels uploaded with the 10th coming up shortly.

I'm playing on hard difficulty and attempting to go as far as I can without killing or knocking out anyone except targets.

After completing terminus, I also decided to try to go through the rest of the game with nothing but the suit.

Here's the link to the playlist so far:

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What's that strange effect in the upper left corner of this scene? Looks like a big grid of faint white lines.

I'm eventually going to get around to trying a suit only run. So far Hard has been way easier than I thought it would be. You can even grab the first Saint in the 2nd segment of that level from behind the reception counter while she's talking to a guard as he's completely oblivious.

Saints Cornfield

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I'm playing on the PC version. The grid shows up sometimes depending on the type of setting you have on your field of view I believe. It hasn't bothered me too much so I haven't bothered to change it or anything like that.

I went back and check it again.

It looks like it only appears when you set it medium.

Anything else and it dissapears.