Mask of Anthony Martinez worn as a disguise in the mission One of A Kind

#1 Posted by evanrooyen (1 posts) -

I was able to wear the Golden mask of Anthony Martinez inside the tailor shop in the mission "One of a kind"

as a disguise! 47 was actually wearing the "sewer worker" outfit with the golden mask found on the shelf.

This only happened once, and I cannot recreate it. I would like to know if I managed to do something I was not

supposed to do, or was this just the games way of unlocking the mask to be worn in "contracts mode" when playing online?

Anyone got an answer please?

#2 Posted by IO_Travis (0 posts) -
Hello! This is an uber-late reply but you might want to know that it's actually a small hidden extra that you can wear that mask. It won't unlock anything other than feelings of nostalgia but as far as I know, you're the first one to have figured out it's wearable. Good luck in figuring out exactly how to replicate it ;) Cheers, Travis