Is Purist easier than Expert, or is it just the new patch?

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I just finished my Purist run through and I had far less detection sounds coming from guards than on my Expert run. Granted it was auto patched before I started my Purist play through, since I have the Steam version, but it seems to me Purist is dumbed down in detection a bit due to having no HUD indicators.

Can anyone that's played on Expert and Purist before the AI patch jump in and give a testimonial on this? I was hoping to build up toward a really challenging play through, but instead was shocked at how easy it was. In Train Station I only had to use Instinct for a few seconds while actually boarding the train.

I suppose the next thing is to do a suit only run through the whole game, vs just segments of it.

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I also have the Steam version, played each map on Hard first, then replayed on Purist - so I guess I skipped over Expert.

Hard, Expert and Purist all have the maximum number of guards, but on Purist they are much faster at becoming suspicious. I mainly noticed this when playing Contracts mode, as actions I could get away with on Hard alerted the guards on Purist. I had to learn to listen out for the static noise that indicates guards are becoming alerted and either quickly complete the action or move away.

Maybe it was because I had already done a few playthroughs on a level on Hard before starting a Purist attempt, but it did become quite easy - all about being super alert where guards are, watching and learning their movement patterns, and then spotting those small patches of cover that break the line of sight. When I did my Purist runs I also tried to go for Silent Assassin ratings, so also tended to have them suit only.

I'm not sure when the AI patch came out - I've mainly been doing Contracts mode for the last few weeks rather than the story mode.

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Hard, Expert and Purist all have the maximum number of guards, but on Purist they are much faster at becoming suspicious.Avenger1324

I'm not really talking about reaction time so much as overall awareness, there's a difference between the two. I definitely noticed less detection sound using the exact same sneak tactics on Purist vs Expert.

Seems to me the scoring system is quite flawed too. They always give only 5% bonus for Suit Only for example, even though it's WAY harder to play Suit Only on Purist vs Normal.