How n the Hell do you save your game

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Twice now i've gotten to the term level which is I believe the third level and I had to leave to do something.I shut off my game log back on later and none of my stuff saved.Is there something wrong with my game or what?I never saw an auto save thing?
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There is no save to my knowledge, unless you complete a "section," which aren't generally that long.

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There are two types of "saves".

One is auto checkpoints, which happen at the end of each level segment or entire level. Level segments are indicated when you come to a door and it says F1 to preview score. They are also indicated by the 47 barcode icon flashing in the corner of the screen and a new level section title and barcode appeariong in the middle of th escreen after passing through the autosave. Level ends are indicated by the game taking you to the menu showin tyou the score tally and rating for that level.

The second is player activated checkpoints shown as vertical yellow beams of light above the assassin fleur de lis symbol, which only saves your location and main progress (eg targets and score). Any non target NPCs killed will respawn once player activated checkpoints are reloaded.

Thus you need to complete at least one segment of a level to reload that progress for a later session, and regarding player activated ones, it's best to use them only if you're struggling to kill a target in the area.

I've also noticed some slight glitches, or perhaps quirks of the game, whereby autosaves for level segments will reload with the clothes and pickup items I went into them with while in a session, but in going back to the game after quitting a session, it can load with a disguise I'd not entered the area with and a different pickup item is equipped.

Example, I was strugling to finish the Angel of Death 2 challenge and finally ended a session on the 3rd (Cornfield) segment of that level. Every time I reloaded that save while in session I had the Agent 47 suit and Fire Extinguisher I entered that 3rd segment with, but when I quit and started another session I had an Agency Soldier uniform and a Golf Club.