First timer to Hitman

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So im a first timer to the Hitman series and was wondering how this game it to someone new to the series. I do realize that this is game best played with a stealthy approach and although I love twitchy shooters like CoD and Gears I love stealth as well. Some of my favorite games this gen are Dishonored,Deus Ex,and MGS so im no stranger to stealth. Would it be worth it to try?
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Sorry I know you wanted someone that has played previous games int he series to answer but just wanted to comment.

I kind of have played it before, I bought Hitman 2 on my nephew's reccomendation but I didn't really like it all that much at the time.  I've managed to watch quite a lot of the walkthrough's for Hitman Absolution posted online and to be honest I really liked the look of it, the lowest difficulty level seems to cater for the newcomer to Hitman, and the default difficulty seems like a minor step up from that, as far as I am aware you can turn some aids on and off so can make the game as easy or as difficult as you want and there's different ways to progress through the level so no right way or wrong way just depends on how you would want to play it.

If you are unsure after other's have posted in reply to you're thread I'd say wait till it comes down in price before you buy it, but I really do think that unlike the steep learning curve you had with the earlier games this will suit newcomers and help them increase the difficulty with each playthrough, and I think you'll like it. 

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Thanks for the reply.Im going to give it a go.It looks like something I could really get into. In fact,that game was sent from Gamefly yesterday so I have no real reason to play it and give it a shot. If anything itll be a nice change of pace from Black Ops which i have been playing to death.