10th and still going. They just keep getting better and better.

Most game series dont even go past a 5th. Squaresoft is so successful they are at number ten and still going. Titus and Yuna are a final fantasy couple for people to look up to and like most final fantasy couples one has to leave. Knowing Titus was a dream and not human is beyond the human comprehension. As quoted in the story Every story must have an ending can tell us a lot. Unlike most fantasy characters Auron is strong, wise, and determined. I like the strategic way of final fantasy games so that when you battle stronger enemys than you,you have to put a lot of thought into the moves you make and what youll do next. Final fantasy X has a lot of those moments. Heck I cant even beat Nemasis. The 1st of these games I ever knew about was final fantasy 7. When I found out about more of those I needed to play one because I loved that game. Lets hope to see more good final fantasys like this one. Ten and on our way.