I've always liked the NFS series but this one makes me think twice before I'd buy another game.

So NFS The Run...Kinda wish I waited to buy this. I've always liked the NFS series except for the Shifts and Pro Street well and this one too. There are good points to this game but they are hidden by all the bad.

First are the good points.

The car graphics are ok and about the same of Hot Pursuit

Can change the rims and body style

Ok story

Now for the bad

The cars handle like a tank (easy, normal, hard it doesn't matter)

The rewind gets very annoying when you get off the road and you have to sit through a loading screen

These mob and cop events get old fast and really doesn't fit in a car racing game

The AI drivers get annoying with sudden bursts of speed and the damn traffic. Sometimes I feel like I'm playing NFS world again.

Drifting it..it...they finally get it right in Hot Pursuit then lose it in The Run. I mean a rock drifts better than the cars in this game.

So at the end this, The Run misses the mark by a lot. I can only hope that EA will go back to the Undergrounds time. Please stop making bad sims.