GRAW One of The BEST games on the 360 to date

I have never been to mexico city but after playing GRAW i felt like i had tour the entire city, the most beautiful game(exept oblivion) on the 360 the framerate is smooth and the lighting and textures are beautiful.

The absolute only problem that i had with the gameplay was that your teammates were stupid to the point that you would kill them at the start of a mission so you wouldnt hav to put with their stupidity throught the misson, the multiplayer will get you to keep playing this game till the next Ghost Recon Comes out.

absolutly amazing, the music is great and the sound effects were astounding Ubisoft went the extra mile with the sound good job.

I got this game on the first day it came out and i was impressed after the first 30 seconds i played it, dont rent dont borrow do your self a favour and BUY IT!!