Soul Calibur 4 is one of the best fighting games for the Xbox 360.

Usually fighting games are over the top and unbalanced. Soul Calibur 4 is well made and mostly balanced. Just like the previous installments you can pick your favorite character(s) and go through a series of trial battles. In Soul Calibur 2 it was an awkward story that relied too heavily on reading text, taking away the attention from the fighting itself. Soul Calibur 4 has an improved and shortened version of the story-mode, and a new mode called Tower of Souls. The Tower of Souls is a basic hold out as long as you can and attempt to either ascend or descend the tower. All of the results are posted online, so try your hardest.

But what really stands out in Soul Calibur 4 is the online gameplay. The graphics are just as sharp and the controls are just as smooth online as they are when playing against the CPU in arcade mode. If that wasn't enough you can now build and customize your own characters and take them to battle in the arena. It is really fun.

Aside from the small problems, the Star Wars characters really disappoint, Soul Calibur is not only one of the most solid fighting games, but one of the most addicting and enjoyable as well. I am not a fan of the fighting genre, I think they are linear and repetitive, Soul Calibur 4 is always and new, exciting experience.