Enchanted Arms is one of the most under rated game for Xbox 360

The Good:
-Great unique combat system
-Long and intresting story
-Over 100 Charaecters to collect
-Nice looking enviorments

The Bad:
-English voice acting is very annoying
-Charaecter animations look pretty bad
-Camera angles for battles are pretty bad

Gameplay 10/10

One of the best combat systems i've ever seen in a role-playing game. Here is the basics on what it is like: you(atsuma) and 3 other charaecters are on a 6X4 grid and each attack has a certain range it can go to so you have to postion your self so that you can hit the enemy.

Graphics 8/10

They look very flashy and nice good but in some of the cut-scenes the charaecters look like something from an original xbox game. Great looking pre-renderd cut-scenes

Sound 6/10

Let me put it this way the ENGLISH VOICE ACTING SUCKS!!! Now that i got that over with the games music is good and you even have a choice to change the charaecters so they speak in Japanease.

Value 10/10

Very, very long game and not to mention there is xbox live support too such as; golem battles. The achievements are fun to get too because they force you to go through the whole game.

Tilt 10/10

I recomend getting this game if you like role-playing games.


If you are a die-hard RPG fan then get it, it is a good addition to your collection. Other than that i would rent it.