Great expansion and worth it to buy

Let's get started on my review of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3's expansion pack Soaked! . This is one of the greater expansions for any game, but of course you have to have RCT 3 to get this.
Gameplay 10/10
In the Gameplay section i was impressed by this area. The new attractions and features are abundant and were highly anticipated by myself.
Graphics 10/10
Graphics are an important part in all games but especially expansion packs. This expansion provides an excellent source of just that, good graphics. there is little to no room for improvements.
Sound 10/10
Sound is excellent in all aspects from music to vomiting to splashes to tires screeching this game has it all. Great sound is important in games even tough you might not realize it. I found no room for improvement in the sound category.

To summarize this it's a game for all types but tycoon or strategy gamers tend to like it more. I would recommend it to all buy it if you would like and if you need RCT 3 first get it because it to is an almost flawless game. All around this is an awesome game. My final score of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Soaked! is a perfect score of 10/10.