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User Rating: 8.5 | Hexen II Mission Pack: Portal of Praevus PC
The sequel to one of the all time Ravengames classics!!!

This expansion pack brings just the right stuff needed to be a worthy add-on, as good as the original, if not better.

Before the review, i want to inform you, that i am the only person that has recorded and released a speedrun of this game, let alone on the hardest difficulty setting, and published it in different internet sites; for more info about the speedrun - contact me.

This means that i have spent lots of time in the game and know the game inside-out and therefore my review will be 100 % valid and fair. Although it will not be as detailed as the original Hexen 2 review.

So what makes any game sequel just as good, if not better than the original?

It's easy to answer: introduce a new setting with new level design, add some new genuine monsters, add a new character to play with new weapons and new abilities, make the expansion not too short, so that it is worth it's money, upgrade the game from technical point of view, fix bugs and glitches from previous game and finally make it's gameplay formula unchanged.

All that comes with Portal Of Praevus expansion pack.

The game features a new setting located in ancient Tibet, this time covered in snow, what is a nice new feature, that was not present before.

With the new setting come new genuine monsters, like the Minotaurs, Tiger Warriors and the blob. The old monsters like archers and imps also look adapted to the new snow landscape and have icy looks, although they are the same species.

There is a new character to play - the Demon female, and of course with her come new weapons and abilities those you have to find out for yourself.

The expansion is not as long as the original, but it is long enough not to leave you ripped-off. Now it has 2 chapters, and each of these has many levels divided in hubs just like before. You start where you left in the original game - in Eidolon's lair, and travel through Blackmarsh once more to Tibet, where you will finish the journey by facing Praevus himself..

Hexen 2 Portal Of Praevus might now deliver greatly upgraded graphics and sound, but some new improved animation elements are still noticable.

In original Hexen 2, most of the puzzles were either very hard and annoying or simply bugged. Well here no more - i have not encountered any puzzle bugs, and the puzzles are not as hard as before. Speaking of general glitches and bugs, there were some still, although not very important to mention..

Gameplay formula remains unchanged: although you still have to do alot of backtracking and searching, there are plenty of shortcuts and non-linear situations to execute, and it's still all about killing, jumping, gore, gibs, massacre and destruction - that is great, because i would not want Hexen 2 to feel any other way.. There is only one boss now - the Tibetian god Praevus himself. After you finish the first chapter, you face a Minotaur for the first time as guardian of the time gates to Tibet and think that he is a boss. But later you realize that he was just one of the stronger monsters. The new Minotaurs and Tiger Warriors are very strong and challenging. However the new Blob is totally irritating to say the last... Gosh, i think it is the most irritating foe in all of the games i have played...

Multiplayer: this expansion pack was about single player, so there is nothing significant to talk about MP.

Once again, cooperative is present in this mission pack..

All in all this mission pack is well worth it's great reception. If it is not better than the original, it certainly is not worse.

Finally update the game with the new unofficial quake engine, that makes the game look like reborn. For more info: