Heroes not very heroic

User Rating: 3.1 | Heroes of the Pacific PS2
Just got the game a few days ago as I was impressed by the graphics and screen shots. I am a WWII "Warbirds" freak and have played most of the on-line WWII air combat games out there. Some are better than others and after to play this game I have to say it falls in the "other" category. I was very disappointed with the controls. You have a choice of "arcade" and what is jokingly called "professional" settings for controls. Both settings require you to use the right joystick as a throttle which you are required to hold on at all times like a car ! The "professional" setting uses the right joystick as rudder control in addition to the throttle control, which seems to require that the throttle be moved to the half way position to utilize your rudder! Who ever heard of any airplane that had such a foolish set-up! I am not even going to address the "War Emergency Power" setting which requires you to press the right joystick in. In addition part of the training sequence requires you to recover from a stall...sounds good but the game is obviously bugged here, even if you are do it correctly you still crash part of the time for some strange reason and so far the graphics ALWAYS show you crashing even when you complete the maneuver successfully. I could go on and on but the long and short of it is...the would be an O.K. game if someone had spent some time on the control settings but as it stands, if you have a chance to buy this game..flush your money down the toilet..it will be better spent.