fun ww2 fighter sim

User Rating: 8.5 | Heroes of the Pacific PS2
the game challeges you, it is realistic and the gfx look good while gameplay is smooth (no glitches). dog fights are bad and you will need to spend a few hours learning to fly.

-since this is a ww2 flight sim you will be flying with prop planes and have to get into close dog fights with the enemy planes/formations
-you have a lot of planes and plane types, they have different kind of handling, they are designed for different types of attacks and missions, like in need level up to unlock the new planes and upgrades
-in this game you have various missions
you fight against other planes
you fly a bomber
you search the enemy fleet
to have success in missions you need different type of plane and different tactics
-you can set the difficulty level from rookie to ace
-in missions you have a lot of free will, you can try different ways for your attack moves, for example
you can fly straight at an enemy formation and get ripped to shreds
next time you can fly at a higher altitude and try attack from top
-the landing is easy, so not neccessary to be worried about crash on carrier or ground
-if you fail or die in a misson you don't have to restart from the begining, instead the missions have check points so you can continue from the last one. you can't save in a mission so if you quit you will have to start from the very begining

-it is impossible to turn off auto save function once you select it
-the controls are well laid out but you only have 2 preset configurations