Heroes of Might and Magic Cheats For PC

  1. Hex Editing

    These are the Hex Location for the players resources. Use a hex editor to change the values.
    Warning: do not enter too much of something or you'll get some sort of glitch.

    Code Effect
    16f,170,171 Wood
    173,174,175 milk
    177,178,179 Ore
    17b,17c,17d plutos
    17f,180,181 crystal
    183,184,185 gem
    187,188,189 gold

    Contributed by: powerprogoose 

  2. Reveal whole map 101495

    Type 101495 in the adventure screen to reveal the whole map.

    Code Effect
    101495 Reveal map

    Contributed by: WhPlague 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by Corlagon 30K
FAQ FAQ by GLin 36K

Heroes of Might and Magic Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. Random New Spells

    To randomly get new spells in your spellbook, cast a spell in battle so it takes you to the battlefield asking you where to cast it. Then hit the ''B'' button so it cancels the spell. Then go check your spellbook. You will have a new spell at the end of your book.

    NOTE:Sometimes the spell will be ''Teleport''. Teleport is a spell which will not work and your game will freeze.

    Contributed by: Gauntlet Man 99 

  2. Hidden "Teleport" Spell

    To get the hidden spell, Teleport (it can't be gotten in any other way), get into a battle somewhere on the Adventure Map. Next, go into your Spellbook and select a spell. Now, press the ''B'' button. After the battle, get into another one and you will see that you have the spell in your Spellbook.

    Note: This cannot be done in a Siege Battle. It won't hurt your game, but it won't work, either.

    Contributed by: Gauntlet Man 99 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
Other Creature FAQ by Gauntlet Man 99 16K

Heroes of Might and Magic Cheats For Macintosh

  1. Cheats

    Enter at anyplace on Adventure screen

    Code Effect
    101495 Full map
    101111 Enchant army with haste
    101496 More gold
    844690 More crystals
    844691 More ore
    899101 More diamons
    991001 Plutos

    Contributed by: Robbie Kennedy