Awesome game,this one really stands up from the previous parts,but hets boring fast.

User Rating: 9 | Heroes of Might and Magic V (Limited Edition DVD) PC
As we all well know the previous heroes parts,well this one is awesome.Loads of maps objectives.New races added,previous race updated with awesome town structures.Graphics are great.New enemies,new creatures,new items.Very fun to play,the interactive stuff is awesome.Combat is the same as previous parts but its more fun becouse of it's improved graphics and creature designs of course.No major bugs, in fact I haven't found any as far as I remember.The sound effects are awesome.Re-done heroes and their mounts.But the only thing new the game besides graphics and some visual improvements,there aren't much new stuff to it.Basically new creatures and race and some minor stuff like items,etc...Again you can play using only your mouse.Some previous creatures were replaced by some cool new creatures.And existing ones were changed and added some special abilities to them (well to some of them).. but I'd say gets boring fast