You can listen to either party... haters or fans, the game has not progressed in a positive direction

Frankly, SOE has taken this game down a path of demise. There are those that passionately love it, and acknowledge that despite the bugs, severe lag (yes, SEVERE) and lack of SOE customer service or care, they will play it till it dies, which hopefully comes soon so Lucasarts can make a successful MMO for the rest of us. Then there are those that hate it (which are the majority - notice the fans of the original game rebel, and for whatever reason, some stay for the abuse lol).

The new control system lies somewhere between a third person shooter and you're typical MMO, unfortunately combining the worst aspects of each for the most part. The graphics and sound are of course very good, as is the standard for any star wars game.

The community has rebelled, most of the mature playerbase has left, as it is now something akin to a poor console port, many younger children (14 and under) have bolstered the population of the game to about 70% of pre NGE levels, so it's not dead yet.

Now, All the hating the game and loving it aside, we comes to what bothers me most: SOE. Sony Online is concerned about one thing: MONEY. If screwing their entire playerbase over will gain 100 new people in the end, they will do it sure as day. This game has had so many complete changes, each successively worsening the experience.

All in all, save your money. Get something else, Play another MMO you can safely invest your time in.