A 6.7 NOOOOOO WAY this game is very fun and keeps you busy but there are bads.....

The old diddy kong is back and as better then ever i dont know what people are talking about i loved this game it had the clasic spin with the new time fun!

GOODS: There is The Plane HoverCraft and The Car They are all great. you can even costomize the paint job on each of them and they each have diff upgrades i belive 12 upgrades for each but you need to buy them with coins you collect in the races. i like the fact that there is freedom in this game and its not just a boring story you have to follow you can search the island and unlock new things. also switching between the plane hovercraft and car keeps it interesting

Wi-Fi:The Wi-Fi is fun it remids me of mario cart Wi-Fi the only bad thing is if you didnt buy upgrades in adventure mode your gunna get smoked!

BADS: When you buy upgrades you can only use one of them at a time. Also in the Wi-Fi mode its hard to set up races because you cant talk with anyone!

Over all this is a fun racing game with a little twist if you liked mario cart you like this!