brings back memories =)

User Rating: 9.4 | Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars PC
Gameplay: Whoa... BIG improvement from the first one plenty of new units a good decent plot, they also changed the battle maps around and made the maps and worlds bigger alot of other add-ons too. Has everything that the first one had but ALOT more.

Graphics: Not the best, but pretty damn good for its time... the graphics match the whole game really well.. everything is detailed ALOT more compared to the first one and the battle animations are a big improvement. From the whole map to the town then to the individual units could have been a better sequal for its time.

Sound: The music from when your just walking around and when your in a battle it matches really well. The sounds of the environment and when your hero is moving around are really smooth. The sounds from the battle and the individual units are really good from a dwarf or some small weak unit attacking to lets say a titan or a black dragon doing some damage you can feel the difference and it really is satisfying.

Value: heh back then this game was considered a really good deal now you can like get this game for free or really cheap.. It really doesn't deserve less than a 10 in value. I mean i'd pay 5 bucks or less for a game like this wouldn't you?

Overall this game is a great sequal to the previous one and i'd recomend this game to fans of the other series or someone just looking for a good game to spend time on..