MMO Revenue greed at the final stages of production completely ruin Hellgate. Flagship and EA should be ashamed !

User Rating: 3.5 | Hellgate: London PC
Like most Diablo fans, I had high hopes for Hellgate London. I followed the the press on it and waited patiently for the release. The Diablo games have been installed in my Computers since 1996. On occasion I feel nostalgic and run through them in a few days. I downloaded the Demo two weeks ago and was a bit exited like most avid fans. The graphics weren't cutting edge and the story seemed weak, but since i enjoy killing stuff, i could deal with it. I finally got my pre-order on 11/2 and installed it on my cutting edge Vista machine. I immediately noticed how crappy in ran in Diretx10 mode. The game play was choppy and and i got a few crashes to the desktop for no reason. I play Bioshock, Doom3, F.E.A.R, WOW, HL2, and most new games at maximum settings without issue. I knew that my computer wasn't the problem. After 3 days of crashes and watching my character disappear and just seeing a floating weapon or floating npcs, it is my belief that this game should not have been released. The decision to jump the MMO bandwagon at the last minute probably contributed to the games terrible performance. The MMO portion of this game is an absolute disaster and Flagship and EA should be ashamed. I could go on and on but many of you have written similar reviews so I will end by saying that sadly, I will remove Hellgate from my computer and go back to playing NWN 2, I will also install Tabula Rasa and see how that works out. Bill Roper, I hope you read this! HELLGATE LONDON, I KNOW AND LOVE DIABLO, YOU'RE NO DIABLO!