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What Gamespot Users have to say about Hellgate: London

  • User Rating 4

    Good ideas, bad implementation

    Rated on March 30, 2008 by Mirko4444

    Hellgate: London was a great idea that took a wrong turn somewhere and now half-heartedly joins the ranks of the great unwashed as just another Diablo/Rogue-like clone. While it was obvious that time ...

    2 out of 5 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 8.5

    Great game with lots of great ideas, but has to many little glitches and not to well thought out.

    Rated on August 08, 2009 by Mjs101

    It is a good addictive game. The upgrades and finding weapons and armor wants to make you keep playing. The base of the story line itself is good, however it is not conveyed well at all as the story...

    2 out of 3 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 7


    Rated on April 04, 2008 by thatmy

    "ROJAK" - A spicy, sweet and sour Asia salad of fruits, vegetables and other many type of foods. Exciting to eat begining but sick of it after eating repeatingly. Hellgate : London - this game got ...

    0 out of 1 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 9.5

    Excellent game! Diablo 3D

    Rated on April 06, 2008 by dan8080

    When I first played the demo, I wasn't very impressed. The setting doesn't really appeal to me, being somewhat reminiscent of a scifi-horror movie. Then I bought the full game to play with my friend...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 8

    An engaging and rather addicting game that will be worth playing by more than just fans of RPG games.

    Rated on April 10, 2008 by Bagman34

    I was tracking this game for the longest time, intrigued by the idea of the combination of FPS and RPG game. I don't play a lot of RPG's and I generally don't like them, so this was going to be somet...

    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 7

    A potential gem that falls short due to unbearable repetition and incomplete features.

    Rated on March 10, 2012 by KingLim

    It's a real shame that the developers rushed its incomplete delivery and then later abandoned it totally, because the cinematic trailer was so awesome it hung our hopes high. A lot of fans had been fa...

    0 out of 1 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 9

    One of the most simple and still addictive RPGs in long.

    Rated on April 15, 2008 by Kaethorn

    There's definitely some serious lack of polish on almost every corner in Hellgate: London. The NPCs look blunt, all dialogs are text-only and the few voice acting which is nothing more than some rando...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 1

    Lots of stupid-looking monsters,Lots of visual effects,Lots of running and you won't even know what you are after!

    Rated on April 17, 2008 by Gasconyman

    I never seen such and stupid game.Diablo was great. you can't compare this game with Diablo. Your are allways running around for nothing. Quests are very stupid, they are like Go find the Altar Of Hor...

    1 out of 5 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 6.5

    Still playing but it is a love/hate relationship. The main issue with the game is the sameness of the areas.

    Rated on April 20, 2008 by ronsplace68

    I have been playing this game on and off for the last few months. The reason is , it looks the same in sooooo many places. I enjoy the combat and finding and upgrading as does everyone but it seems li...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 8

    Is HellGate London the Diablo III that we were waiting for? My answer is: almost.

    Rated on April 22, 2008 by killomatic

    Introduction After getting Diablo's fans waiting 7 years expectantly for Diablo III, Bandai Namco Games produced the most awaited HellGate London. Using the new graphics technologies, Bandai Namco cr...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.