Original gameplay mechanics and a great (or should I say a lot of) storyline(s)!! Worth playing over and

User Rating: 9.5 | Heavy Rain PS3
Just a few words - if you love a good story and an interesting (read: different) approach to gaming, then this game will be one of your favourites!

It's not hard to get used to the game mechanics, and the story is unpredictable, the surprises thrown in and the variations that you can get are simply great. I love it when you're not forced to play the game in just one way. If you love that, you'll love Heavy Rain. If you'd rather play those games with just one path for you and no choices - steer clear.

Choices... in fact, that's what makes this game great. You're always faced with different choices and each one has an impact on your character's future, including whether you live or die!! So choose carefully, and wisely, and start off by buying this game. It's going to be worth your while! :)