Windows 7?

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Probably won't get a reply to this and I've searched google quite abit to no avail but I thought I'd take a swing in the dark here and ask.


Has anyone gotten this to run on Windows 7? Or anything similar?


I can install it fine and it goes through the menus fine, although the colors are abit distorted but as soon as I try to launch a mission the game crashes to the desktop.


I'm still trying to install and run the game under different compatibility's to see if I can find something that works.



Edit: I got it running and it seems to work fine except for major color distortions that make it nearly impossible to read some of the text in the briefing/mission summery areas of the menus. The problem I had with the crashing seemed to be caused by the 1.2 patch, 1.1 seems to work fine.

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How did you get it to work please? I am anxious to replay this great mech game.