Is it that bad?

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This has some impressive visuals but seriously no review anywhere?

I hate mp only games maybe thats why it hasn't gotten any attention then again same with that crappy boring mech warrior online game.

mp only games just aren't fun enough.

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Don't forget its free to play unlike other mp games

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I have played it and enjoyed it you can watch my Let's Play if you would like If you want a review review I can give you a quick Pro's and Con's Pro's *Fast Paced *Easy to get the hang of (a lot like unreal tournament in my opinion) *Servers find matches quickly and most matches will be full house *Even the "noob" mech you start out with is amazing and your not at a disadvantage to gamers who have played longer *The art style of the game is fantastic, maps are gorgeous and diverse, mechs are very stylized *Great variety of game modes for a beta game *Respawn times are instant, so dying isn't punishing Con's *Only difference between mechs is their size and speed, example there is a small mech with the same gun loadout as a large mech *Game is a little biased to speed, since a small mech can have the same "firepower" as a large mech it really offsets the advantages of being bigger (you dont hit harder) *Unlocking mechs can be a pain without using real money because of how slowly you get in game cash. Luckily almost everything, such as items and upgrades, can be bought with money you earn in the game it can just takes a very long time All in all its a very fun game for being totally free and its very polish too. Besides the bias towards being quick and mobile the game is very balanced without one mech being the shining star. This game is also in beta so as good as it is for still getting the kinks worked out, its a fantastic game and you should totally pick it up.
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I cant pick it up and might be years if it's even on a cd format. I'm just not a fan of free to play games. I cant unlock stuff at a normal rate, I rather spend 60 bucks and get a respectable package with all the bells and whisteles and pay 15 bucks for a large addon later. Then again never been a big fan of dlc.

I played it once and it just didn't appeal too me. No one uses the mic, or even regular text chat. Was a very boring experience for me. I'm just gonna stick with x box live and a few select friends for playing Halo.

These kind of games just get on my nerves I want to be able to use the good stuff without paying a lot fo moneyf or one single meck, or spending a 100 hours for it, I dont have that kind of time, I have a life, and a great career going on, rather like I said spend 60 bucks and have those options from the start and for my skill to be the factor instead of how much free time I have.