Game looks amazing?

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Just saw this game for the first time from the Gametrailers E3 livestream. Looks amazing! :O

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Hawken now to support the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset. Sounds immense.
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Not really I doubt it has that much of a playerbase, more play mechwarrior online, but yes the game looks good, unfortunately they should have made a single player campaign for it, same with mechwarrior online both would have been so much more fun and worth the money spent on them.

I have not played hawken much it gets rather boring, but would say it's better than mechwarrior but I grew up on mechwarrior so my loyalty is with that franchise not really with the current dev for it though. I'd rather see another mechassault game for the consoles with the arcade style taken out and instead use the sim play style the series is known for, that would be awesome but will never come to be.