Haunting Ground Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Obtain the Obsidian Choker

    Substitute "METH" for "EMETH" at the very first card slot in the game. A different cutscene will be seen, then look on the floor in front of the door and you'll find a useful Obsidian Choker.

    Contributed by: Warming Blasters 

  2. Invisible Lorenzo glitch

    When you first arrive at the House of Truth, go to the hallway outside Lorenzo’s Room but don’t enter his room yet. Go down the spiral staircase and collect the Golden Candlestick, then return to the 2 vases at the hallway. Kick the vase on right and a Luminescent will be free. Guild the Luminescent back to the West Garden and go down to the area where the explosive is placed. Stand on the platform under the lamp and a cutscene will play.

    If you do it correctly, Lorenzo will be invisible in the cutscene. You can also bypass the old Lorenzo’s boss battle and the scene where you got trap in a room. Lorenzo will remain invisible and never chase you but this glitch will last up to the final boss battle, unless you get yourself trapped in the room. Because Lorenzo will return after the cutscene where he turns young.

    Contributed by: CJ800 

  3. Mausoleum Glitch

    Go to the Mausoleum at the Mansion's Graveyard and read the words written on the Mausoleum, the screen will darken and you won't be able to move while reading. Doing so and you will be invincible. For example, you won't feel hurt when a Luminessants hits you.

    Keep reading and wait for a stalker to appear. The music will remain unchanged and the stalker can't hurt you at all. You will get panic attacks but you won't be running around like crazy. This glitch will in effect as long as the screen is darken and words are on the screen.

    Contributed by: CJ800 

  4. Dancing Golem

    Towards the end of the 2nd chapter of this game (when the maid is chasing you), players will descend into a crypt where a Golem, tomb and plate machine can be found. Create a plate labeled SALTATIO and insert it into the golem for a brief, 10 second Para Para dance sequence.

    Contributed by: midwinter 

  5. Unlock Hard Mode and Secret room

    To unlock both hard mode and the secret room beat the game once, these will then be selectable from the main menu

    Contributed by: Jonny013 

  6. Unlocking costumes

    Code Effect
    Finish the game once with Ending A Cowboy Costume
    Finish the game once with Ending A or B 'Illegal in some states' Costume
    Finish the game once Alternate dog
    Play Hard Mode Alternate enemy costume
    Beat the game with Ending C Frog Costume
    Beat the game on Hard mode Stuffed Dog Costume for Hewie

    Contributed by: Griever13ro 

  7. Plate Keys

    You can use these plate keys to get equippable items from the machine in the alchemy room (the room in the holes throughout the game). This machine only appears after you beat the game once.

    Code Effect
    ADAMAS Gives you a Diamond Choker
    MORGAN Gives you Fairy Earrings
    ALCHYMIA Gives you Alchemist Earrings
    POWDER Gives you Burst Shoes
    MAGNUS Gives you Inqisitor earrings and Jade choker

    Contributed by: Brock2097 

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