Harvest Moon Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Wascaly Wabbit = 1000G

    At some point in the game, you can randomly find a rabbit on the mountain. If you run up to it and press A, you catch it. Then the hunter runs up and offers you 1000G to let it go.

    Contributed by: Salamando_13 

  2. Clear the field on the first day and keep the clock at 6 AM

    After you start a new game and have gone through the very long introduction of meeting everybody and have gone to sleep, head out of your farm the next morning. Once you name your dog don't head for the tool shed. Instead just grab the weeds and toss them and grab the small rocks and throw them in the water. Doing so makes time freeze at 6 AM. If you were to head into a building or to use a tool the time will start moving.

    Contributed by: one ring321 

  3. Dog Gets Stuck

    If your dog is standing to the right of the table when your house is expanded, it will get stuck in the table when the expansion is complete.

    Contributed by: supermagicmilk 

  4. Choose your babys gender

    As soon as your wife has given birth do NOT name the baby but go outside and into the village talk to someone who should be at your house and then go back you wife will have given birth again but the baby will be the opposite gender from last time and note that you only get one baby from this.

    Contributed by: spikethedevil 

  5. Clock

    Code Effect
    Get the first house extension before the first Summer ends. Clock

    Contributed by: hitz30000 

  6. Secret Items

    These unlockables are unlocked when playing through the game and performing certain tasks.

    Code Effect
    Have over 20000G and buy it from the Hawker in the fall "Money" Tree
    sell a cow; if the hawker comes and offers a bean in exchange for the cow, accept his offer Magic Bean

    Contributed by: Tokimasa 

  7. View Your Current Ending Sequence

    Hold R + L + Select immediately after the lights go out when done writing in the diary. You must hold down the buttons the entire time. Eventually you will see the ending sequence that would be given to you if the game ended at your current level of progress.

    Contributed by: hs08hpu14gp3li2 

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