Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland Cheats For PS2

  1. Cheap Chicken

    All you need to do to get a cheap chicken, is go to the supermarket, buy an egg, and put it in the incubator. Wait for the egg to hatch, and grow up. A lot cheaper, but it takes a little more time then buying one from the ranch shop.

    Contributed by: Lillacyblossom 

  2. Unlockable Events

    To trigger an event you must befriend these people

    Code Effect
    Befriend Tim Treasure Hunt 1
    Befriend Tim Treasure Hunt 2
    Befriend Katie Cake Contest
    Befriend Joe A fishy Story
    Befriend Louis The Bluebird
    Befriend Lyla and Kurt The Azure Swallowtail
    Befriend Gina and Dia The Goddess Dress
    Befriend Gwen The Endangered Weasel
    Befriend Bob and Gwen The Horse Race

    Contributed by: R351D3NT3V1L4 

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