Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Cheats For GameCube

  1. Unlockable Shops

    Flower Bud Village initially begins bare, with only a select few shops. However, you can do the following to attract business and new neighbours:

    Code Effect
    Ship a load of good clay Atelier Saibara (Clay Shop)
    Ship ores (especially rare ore) Blacksmith
    Opens 1 month after meeting Carl and Eve Café Callaway
    Will automatically open mid-spring in year one Flower Bud Library
    Ship gift items (clay, flowers, blue berries) Hearty Lyla
    Opens in the summer after meeting Duke Moonlight Café
    Opens in the summer after meeting Doug Perch Inn
    Ship 30 herbs and have Alex with at least 1 heart Sanatorium

    Contributed by: And1Viper 

  2. Villager Unlockables

    Perform certain tasks to obtain villagers who aren't there at the start

    Code Effect
    Plant three fruit trees Henry
    Plant one fruit tree Ronald
    Befriend Ronald Meryl
    Ship one good clay Saibara
    Attend the Fireworks Festival on Summer 24 Louis
    Attend the Swimming/Ocean Festival on Summer 3 Nami
    Go to a fesitival Maria
    Ship 30 herbs ( you may possibly need a heart with Alex and/or Martha ) Dia and Gina
    Place a flower in the blue shipping bin in the square on Spring 22 and then attend the Flower Festival the next day Lyla
    Attend the Spring Horse Race on Spring 17 Duke, Gwen, and Doug
    Have Ronald open Paradise Orchard Dan
    Have Cafe Callaway opened Katie

    Contributed by: FlamingHotPyro 

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