Help with training cats; How do you get the bell?

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Okay, So I have 5 cats in the game now, and I was told that I need a bell to train cats; and to buy the bell at the bazaar. I've looked at all the shops, but I can't find the bell anywhere. Am I doing something wrong? Where do I get the bell? Extra information that might be needed; Bazaar level; 25% Bazaar goal; 40,000-50,000 (in the next bazaar) 1/20 sheep & cows 10/20 chickens 5/10 cats & dogs 40,000 gold in money currently So, how do I get the bell? And someone please explain how to train them, too. Everybody who's answered answered it in a way that I don't understand, and I would appreciate a simpler reply. Or you can just phrase it a different way.