ohhh number 47 will you ever die?

ohhh number 47 will you ever die?

once again the hitman is back kicking ass and takeing names this time around you play though a gritty story plot involveing "blood money" lol youll have o play the game to figure that one out , but nothing special about this one boys and girls its the same old sneaking around tring not to kill any one , but its typical hitman playing a mission like 20 times going through it trying not to get caught and doing everything to perfection *sigh* if youve played the series you know what im talking about....

but in all fairness Hitman Blood money was a hit with me now i have to admit im a hough fan of the series especialy the socond one, wich goes with out saying it seems they Eidos ( the company who made the game) has stepped there game up a bit with cleaning up there graphics and a more smoth game play and interface , no more stumbeling around tring to get exactly behind a person to stick them with a needle or use the wire on them also upgrades are added this time not only to your weapons but to other items as well, body armor, faster lock pick, small heath kits ect....

so over all Hitman Blood money is a hit check it out its definatly worth playing