Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Cheats For GameCube

  1. Easy Tree Upgrade to S Rank

    Note: You must have Tartan for this glitch to work.
    Normally, you arean't supposed to be able to mix crops or flowers with trees to get a different result, but in this case you can.
    Step 1: Take any crop in seed form and upgrade it to S rank with the UP-Seed. (You have to have Tartan to make hybrids)
    Step 2: Take desired B-Rank tree you wish to make S-Rank and place it in the first slot of Tartan.
    Step 3: Take the S-Rank crop and place it in the second slot.
    Step 5: Use Tartan and there you go, an S-Rank tree without wasting thousands on fertilizer.

    Contributed by: jaredn11 

  2. 99 Toys

    After chapter 2 begins, you can purchase a Ball, Blocks, and a Wooden Car from Van for your child. Usually you place these in the toybox in your house, but if you instead put them on the shelf in your tool room, you can go back to Van and purchase another one of each. While you can't buy more than one at once, if you continue to buy them one at a time, and put them on your tool room shelf, you can get up to 99 of each, and then buy one last one to put back in the toybox.

    This does not work with the Scratchpad.

    This trick is useful, as some of the town residents like the toys as gifts.

    Contributed by: corgan dane 

  3. Infintie Ruby Spice

    Cook with only the ruby spice, and it should make another. You can then sell these on for loads of cash! But keep one to always be able to do this.

    Contributed by: mrmonkey26 

  4. Raise New Animals

    Code Effect
    Buy it from Van for 4,000G whenever he has his shop open during Spring. Goat
    First, you must buy a pond for 2,500G from Takakura. Then, during Summer of Chapter 2, wake up in the morning at a later time than your wife. Ducks
    Befriend Romana. In Fall of Chapter 2, wake up at a later time in the morning than your wife. Romana will knock at your door and give you a cat. Cat

    Contributed by: bumpygrimes 

  5. Unlockable items

    Romona only takes gifts when she's up. When you offer a gift to Romona while sitting, she'll not accept.<p />Wally does not take gifts when going out for a jog around Forget Me Not Valley<p />Galen will only give the fishing rod in chapter 2 or later.<p />Dr. Hardy sometimes stares at something. He won't take anything then.

    Code Effect
    Befriend Vesta Weird Hoe
    Befriend Dr. Hardy Weird Sickle
    Befriend Tim Strange Hoe
    Befriend Gustafa Strange Sickle
    Befriend Romona Watering Can (w)
    Befriend Wally Wool Clippers
    Befriend Galen Fishing Rod (g)
    Buy a Goat from Van. (4000 gold) Goat Milker
    Befriend Daryl Free seedmaker
    Befriend Grant in Chapter 2 Alarm Clock
    Befriend Ruby Ruby Spice
    Befriend Cody and he'll give it to you on Chapter 4 Artwork for your house
    Befriend Gustafa Drum
    Befriend Romana Cat
    Befriend Van Teddy Bear
    Befriend Takakura and give him something to ship every day Tartan

    Contributed by: peachie185532 

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